Wednesday, June 29, 2011

or, Impatience rather.
It's something I need to work on. I frustrate myself easily when it come to waiting for things. I need a useless button for every time I want things to go faster.
Like the "close door" button in elevators or the "Press for crosswalk signal" buttons at stop lights. Buttons that have no real use other than to make humans feel better. Placebo much? meh.

I came home relatively early tonight. I've been making a habit out of staying out pretty late. 3, 4, even 5 am. I miss that sometimes... Summer nights.

Conversing about nothing and everything at times. Hopes and aspirations, chichis and weenies, the future, the past, the now, what we want, what we need, what we think we need, what we like, dislike or absolutely abhor, feelings and emotions or a lack thereof, just... stuff.,

I'm starting to get sick. My throat is starting to get sore and my nose is starting to get runny. I need to get ready for the shittiest 4 days of the summer... ugh, how I hate illness.

Picture #2- Favorite Animal

Aren't they adorable?
not to mention delicious.


ready to grow said...

I call my dog Piggie. I've been calling her that that since she was very small. she would not stop eating so I called her piggie. She responds either to her name or 'Piggie'. Now everytime I see pig I think of my dog.

ThingsYouWant said...

Cute little piggies!!! Its a shame that such an amazing little animal gets eaten so much :p

Alex said...

I love pigs, but sadly for the bacon ;-)

ElliotGreen said...

Like the age old saying goes, patience is a virtue! (and will definitely take you far in life)

romuosezre said...

wow col stuff. Will defiantly follow

Electric Addict said...

aww pigs are soo cute haha