Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun all over your face

I did it!
Winner is in!
dun dun dun!

I made a list of all the comments and put them in a random generator.
These were the results!

Jackson K.!
You win!

I'll be sending you a message to get your contact info and shirt size and all that good stuff later.

Congrats to you!

On the Agenda for today:
I'm going to San Japan!
It's an anime convention here in San Antonio, like comicon but less... spectacular.
So I'll be taking lot's of pictures!

See you guys later and thanks again.
I'll make more of these contest things in the near future. :)

Have a good one.


Allebanna said...

**Also If this Jackson guy doesn't reply, I'll just go down the list to the next person. :)

Tony Lek said...

aww man. 9th place :(((

Electric Addict said...

dang it i guess 3rd doesn't get anything haha

T Papar said...

gz to the winner :)

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Congrats to Jackson K, super jelly.

coneforce said...

gz for Jackson! nice blog btw follow...

Equalz said...

cant wait to see the pictures. Following+

RisingSun2468 said...

i was 21 in the results. I have come to accept this, congrats to jackson!

ThingsYouWant said...

I made it on the list!!

:) thats like winning to me!

H. said...