Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not so hot

The weather lately has been really bumming me out
I feel like I can't go out and enjoy the day with out feeling like I'm going to die of heat exhaustion as soon as I step out of the door.

Stepping inside my car is like walking into a preheated oven, I can't even touch the steering wheel without getting 3rd degree burns.

It's that humid kind of hot.
I can't wait for fall to arrive.
I miss days like these.
Days you feel you've gotten the most out of and you've accomplished something.

School is coming up really soon, and I'm excited. This lack of stimulation was driving my crazy.
Time to go back to school for some more doodling while the professor talks. :)

+1000000 Points if you know where that guy is from.

I noticed something today.
It really bothers me when people push my opinion or ideas aside. I've had that done to me all my life. It irritates me, makes me angry, so angry it makes me want to cry but not of sadness, but out of frustration. What bothers me even more is how much I let it get to me. I've always felt that, "Quiet Child, adults are speaking." feeling. Whether it's with my parents or friends or classmates. Classmates especially, but I get over that rather quickly because I could not give more of a shit about them. I'm too emotional I suppose, I think with my emotions and sometimes it's my downfall. But will I do something about it? Probably not. Why? I feel that it's a waste of energy. Granted, getting upset over things like this is a waste of energy but at least I keep it to myself rather than go through the whole process of arguing with someone.

Ick. Idk. What do you guys think?

That's enough emo crap for today eh? I feel better :)


MentesenlaRed said...

Sometimes I feel the same way!

DesoWave said...

I'm amazed by your blog layout. And I hope you feel better.

JDC said...

Sometimes just writing these things out (like talking to people) make you feel better. =)

ThingsYouWant said...

Woah, is that a double rainbow?!?! Just kidding! Writing always makes me feel better, I hope it does the same for you!

Clotifoth said...

I can totally relate. A handful of years difference between "childhood" and "adulthood" deserves to be blurred significantly.

Tony Lek said...

And it almost look like a dubble rainbow!

Reuel said...

writing definitely is a form of therapy

NoseFire said...

Exited for school? Not me.

DWei said...

When people don't listen to me or push my ideas aside I silently fume and then disregard anything they say afterwards.

Ruben said...

thats a really great picture, ive been on the lookout recently for things to take pics of

ElliotGreen said...

about the I can relate so much when I get into my car :O. I literally burned myself grabbing the seat belt buckle!